With this Thermal-acoustic block Mazarrón Ceramics offers a solution that fulfills with the new acoustic and thermal requirements of the CTE.


Dimensions: 30x19x19 cm
Weight: 11,400 Kg
Units/pallet: 75
Units/m2: 16,6
Surface mass kg/m2: 309
Soundproofing: Ra=53.8 dBA
Wall thickness cm (coating both sides): 22
Thermal Transmission: U<1,2W/m2K


How to Meet the CTE DB HR

Minimum conditions of partition walls between rooms (Art., Table 3.2) ceramic spacer walls.

mass kg/m2 Ra dBA
One or two leaves the factory with transdosados 160 41
180 45
200 46
  250 49
  300 55
  350 55
  400 57


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