Integrated system of solar thermal tight low temperature to meet energy demand from consumption of ACS (hot water) in housing.

Ensures maximum user comfort and economy, while being compatible with maximum energy saving and environmental protection. also ensures waterproofing and integration with housing, reducing the visual impact of the installation.

It is applicable to both new buildings and rehabilitation of existing buildin prices of any use.

This system meets the Technical Building Code, adopted on 17 March 2006, which requires that the domestic hot water is made with a contribution of solar thermal power between 30% and 70% depending on the climate and the daily consumption of hot water in the housing area.


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Our system consists of a set of components responsible for performing the functions of capture solar radiation into thermal energy directly transform ceding it to a working fluid and finally storing said thermal energy efficiently.

  • Collection system consists of the solar collector, responsible for transforming solar radiation into thermal energy so that the fluid of work flowing through it is heated.
  • Fixing system composed of 4 brackets, screws 8 and 6 ventilation tiles.
  • Accumulation system consists of a tank with internal exchanger which stores hot water.
  • Control system.
  • Hydraulic circuit that is responsible for establishing the movement of hot fluid to the storage system.




The system is mounted on the cover itself (on the tiles themselves) and can be set with the same supports both decks attached to the battens or fixed with mortar because it uses the ventilation tiles for placement of the brackets of the solar collector and for steps pipes.

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